Tips for trips around Jetrichovice


"Through the stonegate to the fairytale"

Hrensko - Tri prameny (Three springs) 3 km - turning to Pravcická gate 5 km - to Pravcická gate and back 6 km - Mezní Louka (Boundary field) 12 km - Mezná 14 km - Gorges 14,5 km - landing stage in Silent gorge 15,5 km - botom landing stage in Silent gorge 16,5 km - Hrensko 19,5 km.

The most visited, the most romantic and the most valuable track of instructive path with many uniques. From center of travel activity Hrensko we set out first to Pravcická gate - the biggest stonebridge in Europe (and like at this moment we enter the fairytale). Then follow many odd rocky formations, nice architecture and in finale - boat passage through Silent gorge.





"On way of outlooks and wind-mills"

Hrensko, river bank - Suchá Kamenice, entry 1,5 km - gorge of river Suchá Kamenice 4 km - Labská Strán 6,5 km - Belveder 7 km - crossing road by "Pod Kamenským vrchem" 11,5 - (Slunecná brána /Sunshine gate/ +3 km there and back) - Bynovec 12,5 km - Ružová (Rosy village) 15,5 km - Hájenky 17 km - Janov 19,5 km - Hrensko, river bank 24 km.

Altogether comfortable route carry us through less famous corners of Elbe´s sandstones´s region. By beginning we will climb through romantic gorge of stream Suchá Kamenice to outlook Belveder above valley of river Elbe (Labe). On way stay for us many attractive outlooks and we meet us with well kept objects of wind-mills and also with a lot of fair folk buildings which are typical for this region.


"To the sunset"

Jetrichovice - Královský smrk (King´s spruce) 3 km - Dolský mill 3,5 km - Vysoká Lípa (High Linden), periphery of village 4,5 km - Ceská silnice (Czech road), fork by the Šaunštejn 6 km - fork by the Pohovka 11 km - Rudolf´s rock 12 km - fork with yellow tourist mark 12,5 km - Maria´s rock 14 km - Jetrichovice 15,5 km

Romantic trip leads through the valley of stream Jetrichovice´s Belá (Whitebrook) to the Dolský (Ground) mill in Ferdinand´s gorge, to the village full of folk architecture - Vysoká Lípa and culminates in discovering of Jetrichovice´s rocks with many remarkable observation points. These are precious above all by the sunset.


"To the Wild Canyon"

Mezní Louka (Boundary field) - Mezná 2 km - Mezní můstek (Boundary bridge) 2,5 km - Ve strži (In ravine) 4,5 km - Mezní Louka 6,5 km.

Not difficult trip connected with floating through the Wild gorge.


"Through the rocks to the dwarfs"

Jetrichovice - Falkenštejn (Falcon´s stone) 1 km - fork below the Suchý vrch (Dry hill) 4,5 km - Rynartice 7 km - reliefs of dwarfs 8 km - Pavlína´s valley 9 km - bathing place 12 km - Jetrichovice 13 km.

Romantic souls will not be disappointed. In the beginning we can introduce with rocky redoubt Falkenštejn, further we continue through the valley between rocks, then we introduce with pictursque village architecture and we will find dwarfs hewed in sandstone. In finish of trip we will pass one of the most marvelous valley of the region. Not difficult wandering, only climb on Falkenštejn requires caution and handyness.


"To the robbers on Šaunštejn"

Jetrichovice, bus station - Jetrichovice, health resort 0,5 km - Pohovka (Couch) 2,5 km - Ceská silnice (Czech road) 6 km - Šaunštejn, rest of castle 8 km - Small Pravcická gate 9 km - Boundary field, 12,5 km.

One of the most beautiful tracks through the east part of Czech Switzerland leads by the border of romantic rocktown with looks to the observation points on tops of rocks. We will visit the largest of the rocky castles of the region, further small imitation of Pravcická gate, further we will go along sandpaths on rock traverses or along comfortable woodpaths. Ideal tip for family trip.


"To the extinct village"

Mezní Louka (Boundary field) - Hluboký důl (Deep valley) 2,5 km - Ceská silnice (Czech road) 5 km - former Zadní Jetrichovice (Hinder Jetrichovice) 6 km - Panenská jedle (Virgin fir) 10 km - Na Tokáni 13,5 km - below Rudolf´s rock 15 km -Vilemínina´s wall 16 km - Maria´s rock 16,5 km - Jetrichovice, bus station 18 km.

Romantic way passes through the west and middle part of Jetrichovické walls - places which are visited only sporadicaly, through the area of peace, bird songs, murmuring of branches and bubbling of brooks. Relatively articulated route with many ascents and descents, deep forests, in finish with far outlooks. Refreshment during journey you can obtain only in place Na Tokáni.


"Upon the Rosy hill and to the mystical mill"

Srbská Kamenice, bus station - Růžovský vrch (Rosy hill) 3,5 km - fork below Rosy hill 5 km - Kamenická strán (Kamenická hillside) 6 km - Kamenice´s valley 7,5 km - to the Dolský mill and back 8,5 km - Srbská Kamenice, periphery 12,5 km - Srbská Kamenice, bus station 13,5 km.

One of the most valuable nature localities: the Rosy hill (familiary so-called Růžák), Dolský mlýn in romantic rock canyon that is enveloped in myths and tales, places of interesting lookouts and nice village architecture - that is offer of this track. In beginning we can expect difficult ascending (400 m difference of altitude), less difficult on the way from Kamenice valley too.


"From Ceska Kamenice to the museum of fortification 1936-1938"

Ceská Kamenice, square - Rabštejn 2,5 km - Veselé pod Rabštejnem, railway station 5 km - Stará Oleška (Old Oleška) 9,5 km - New Oleška 11,5 km - memorial of aircrash 12,5 km - Srbská Kamenice, Museum of fortification (1936-38) 15,5 km - Srbská Kamenice, periphery 16,5 m - Filipov 21 km - Ceská Kamenice, square 24 km.

Interesting track mostly leading by roads and strenghten roads will lead us to places of interesting historical events. More difficult wandering we can divide into more stages.


"To the rock castles"

Brtníky - fork below Wolfish hill (north) 2 km - Vlcí hora (Wolfish hill), outlook tower 3 km - fork by Veruncina´s well 3,5 km - fork below Wolfish hill (south) 4 km - Vlcí Hora (Wolfish hill), village 4,5 km - Dlouhý důl (Long canyon) 5,5 km - Kyjov 7,5 km - Kyjovský castle 8,5 km - Kyjov´s valley, fork 10 km - Turistický most (Tourist bridge) 11 km - turning to Brtnický castle 12 km - Brtnický castle and back 12,5 km - Velký pruský tábor (Big Prussian camp), turning 12,8 km - Soví vyhlídka (Owl´s lookout) 13,5 km - Šternberk 14 km - Brtníky 16 km.

Wandering in wooded rocky landscape in north-east corner of Czech Switzerland certainly fill all lovers of romance with enthusiasm. Deep canyons with sandstone towers, brooks with pellucid water and bouldering beds, distant looks and before all rests of mysterious rocky castles - that´s all what this route offers us. This route isn´t difficult, only climbing to Vlcí hill and to Brtnický castle accelerates our heartbeating. We must be careful on Kyjovsky castle too.


"Wild cruise on the sea of rocks"

Doubice - Bor, fork 3 km - hunting cottage by Eustach 4 km - Príkré schody (Steep stairs) 5,5 km - Na Tokání 6 km - Panenská jedle (Virgin fir) 9,5 km - Hrebcový důl (Stallion´s valley), turning to Cerná brána (Black gate) 10,5 km - Cerná brána (Black gate) and back 12 km - Hadí pramen (Snake spring) 15,5 km - Vlcí deska (Wolf´s table) 16,5 km - former Zadní Doubice (Hinder Doubice) 18,5 km - Turistický bridge 20,5 km - Kyjovské valley, fork 21,5 km - Doubice.

One of the nicest tracks in region routes many kilometers practicaly through uninhabitated and unrecognized territory, through sea of rocks and canyons with magnificient nature sceneries. It is relatively difficult wandering by its length and profile. On the way there is minimal possibility to refresh yourself and thus its better to take with yourself some food and drink. This allday trip is recomended for experienced and physically efficient tourists. But this track might be tried out by everyone, who would become familiar with the most handsome things, which are offered by region of Czech Switzerland.


"To the Chribský castle and Spravedlnost (Justice hill)"

Chribská, square - Dolní Chribská (Lower Chribská) 1,5 km - Chribský castle 3 km - Doubice 5,5 km - turning to Spravedlnost (Justice hill) 7 km - Spravedlnost (Justice hill) and back 8 km - Lišcí Belidlo (Fox bleaching-ground) 9 m - Chribská, square 10.5 km.

Chribská is the place in the far east of Czech Switzerland, where the boundaries of Czech Switzerland and Lausitzer mountains meet themselves. Our track aims to the corner-piece of Jetrichvovické walls, it leads us to the one of highest tops of Lausitzer ridge too. Mostly we will go along first-rate ways, partly along roads. We can expect only one outstanding ascent on Spravedlnost. We must be careful by visit of Chribský castle.


Instructive path "JETRICHOVICKÉ WALLS"

Jetrichovice - Marias rock - Balzers camp (Tetrevna-Wood grouses place) - Vilemínas wall - Pulkartická - Rudolfs rock (Ostroh-Headland) - Jubilejní halt - Na zkratce (By the short cut) - Šaunštejn castle - Vysoká Lípa (High Linden) - Jetrichovice.

On the particular halts of instructive path we will find metal tables on the rocks or posts with informations about particular places.


Instructive path "of friendship between Czech republic and Germany"

The track is identical with the track "Through the stonebridge to the fairytale"

Lenght of instructive path is 14 km, on the way we find 22 halts, in the terraine some tables. Its halfday or fullday trip - in compliance with yours efficiency. The track leads through romantic landscape of rocks and woods (that is builded from ashlar sandstones with some outbreaks of basalt), through the landscape of sandstone walls, canyons, interesting geological nature creations, far views or narrow and shady gorges too. It is an ideal environment for tourism.


Instructive path "Růžová"

Růžová - turning to top of Růžovský vrch (Rosy hill) - Dolský mlýn - Kamenická Strán - Pastevní vrch (Pasture hill) - Růžová.

Lenght of instructive path is 15 km, on the way we find 10 halts with information tables. Its halfday or fullday trip - in compliance with yours efficiency. The track leads us through romantic landscape of woods and picturesque natural scenery of National park Czech Switzerland and Protected landscape area Elbe´s sandstones. We can whisk to top of Rosy hill or to Natural relic Nad Dolským mlýnem. From Rosy hill and Pasture hill we can admire far and nice outlooks.



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Tourist guide - Region of Decín, publisher Olympia, Prague 1984





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