Useful and interesting links:


Pages of National park Czech Switzerland.

Pages of Protected landscape area Elbe´s sandstones.

Pages of Euroregion Nisa.

Ceský hydrometeorologický ústav

Detailed weather forecasts for Czech republic.

Ceské Svycarsko, o.p.s.

Pages of association for advancement of Czech Switzerland.

Pages of municipalities-association of microregion Ceská Kamenice (Jetřichovice, Růžová, Srbská Kamenice, Česká Kamenice, Kunratice).

Tolštejn´s microregion

Pages of microregion Tolštejn (members are also villages Doubice and Chribská).


Village Jetrichovice (Jetrichovice + Rynartice + Vysoká Lípa + Všemily).

Village Hrensko.

Town Ceská Kamenice.

Village Doubice.

Village Chribská.

Town Krásná Lípa.

Pages about villages of Czech Switzerland + chronicle of village Kunratice.

Campers, tramps, scouts ...

Indian museum

Pages of Indian camp by Růžová (Indian museum in nature).

Significant nature objects of interest

Pages about Pravcická gate and Hrensko.

Pages about Silent and Wild gorges, river-crossing on river Kamenice.

Pages about Lužické mountains (Lausitzer mountains).


Bus routes of czech bus transporter.

Official pages of Czech railways. Detailed informations about train routes.

Finding train and bus routes.

Finding train and bus routes.

Finding train and bus routes (international routes too).

Finding train and bus routes.

Free places in cars and buses, fellow journey, employment of cars...

Centre for fellow ride to foreign countries.

Hiking and rockclimbing

Database of bicycle and hiking paths, interesting localities...

Pages where you can download rockclimbing guide of several climbing regions around Jetrichovice (6 MB of download, maps, illustrations of climbing paths).

On-line rockclimbing guide of Labské pískovce (Elbe´s sandstones).

Ceský horolezecký svaz

Pages of czech rock climbers.

Pages aimed at tourism in Czech Switzerland.



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