Possibilities how to get to Jetrichovice in Czech republic - Europe

Actual and detailed information about transport, bus and train routes you can find on pages of transporters (quod vive links).

By car (or by stop)

If you go to Jetrichovice from Prague (Czech republic), take the highway in direction to Teplice: from Lovosice you have to aim to Ústí nad Labem and from there be directed against Decin and Jetrichovice. From town Decín you have to go to exit to Liberec and in Ludvíkovice you have to watch information table directed to Jetrichovice (you can also go to Jetrichovice from Decín past Hrensko in the Elbe´s valley and past Vysoká Lípa).

The route from Dresden (Germany) heads past Pirna - Königstein - Bad Schandau - Schmilka - Hrensko - Jetrichovice. From Hrensko, (frontier pass between Czech a German republic) you get going to Mezní Louka, further to Vysoká Lípa and you will get to Jetrichovice.

On this pages you can find possibilities of fellow-ride: Faun (free places in buses and cars...) - www.faun.cz, Centre for fellow-ride - www.spolujizda.cz.

You could also take a taxi from the railway station in Decín. This will cost you approximately CZK 300-500.


By train + by bus

Valid and detailed time-tables you can find out in this pages:






Bus routes of czech bus transporter.

Finding train and bus routes (international routes too).

Finding train and bus routes.

Finding train and bus routes.

Finding train and bus routes.


  1. Prague - Decín
  2. Liberec - Decín
  3. Dresden - Schöna - Decín
  4. An interesting possibility for tourist who would like to visit Saxon Switzerland or on the other hand to visit Czech Switzerland from Germany.

    You have to go to Hrensko, here wait for ferry to opposite Schöna and from there by train in direction to Dresden. Train goes approximately one time a hour.

  5. Ceská Lípa - Decín
  6. Teplice - Decín
  7. Decín - Ceská Kamenice

Buses of transporter CSAD

  1. Decín - Dobrná - Srbská Kamenice - Jetrichovice
  2. Decín - Ludvíkovice - Srbská Kamenice - Jetrichovice
  3. Decín - Hrensko - Vysoká Lípa - Jetrichovice => Private bus transporter FOBUS (min. 3x daily) - info: 0412/55 41 47.
  4. Decín - Ceská Kamenice - Chribská
  5. Ceská Kamenice - Srbská Kamenice - Jetrichovice
  6. Ceská Kamenice - Kunratice
  7. Decín - Kámen - Arnoltice - Labská Stráň
  8. Decín - Bynovec - Arnoltice - Růžová - Janov


Or combination bus and afoot

  1. By bus Decín - Ludvíkovice - Kámen (to Kámen goes also public transit from Decín) (from here by foot along road over Nová Oleška, Srbská Kamenice to Jetrichovice - cca 13 km) - Arnoltice - Růžová (along road over Srbská Kamenice cca 11 km, or around Rosy hill to Všemily and Jetrichovice - 10 km, or around Rosy hill /Růžovský vrch/ or over Kamenická strán to Dolský mlýn and from here to Jetrichovice - 9 km)
  2. By bus to Ceská Kamenice, from there by foot over Kunratice - along Vetrný vrch - Jetrichovice´s bathing place - Jetrichovice - 7,5 km.
  3. By bus from C.Kamenice to village Studený and from here by foot over Rynartice (or through Pavlina´s valley) to Jetrichovice (4 km).
  4. By bus from C.Kamenice to Chribská and from here by foot over Rynartice to Jetrichovice (6 km).




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